Educating yourself with the imperatives of becoming a writer can come easy but have you thought about why some of it doesn’t seem to work? Below are common mistakes that perhaps you let slide while you’re in the process of writing or publishing your book.


 No audience before you publish

You don’t expect people to become your audience right off the bat after your book release. Appreciation is earned. Spike their excitement and interest in various platforms. Meet their interests by taking some excerpts or interesting facts from your book. This way, you start to build up an audience that can spread the word of your book to the other.


 Inconsistent writing career path

Set a goal. You’ll never accomplish your reward if you’re not developing a consistent writing career path. This is important since writing involves investing most of your time, effort, money, and even the approval from your audience. It’s not a routine job that will pay your monthly bills. It requires a large fragment of your passion and patience.


 Buying customer book reviews

Don’t fake good reviews. You’d rather get a negative but honest review than having to pay someone to fabricate the positive reviews for you. Learn from these negative reviews (if there’s any) and don’t risk your credibility by hiring people to desperately make a show of everything for you.


 Settling for less in editing and design services

Some readers are visually-driven by the book illustrations or cover itself. So if you think to settle on low-costs editors and design service won’t affect much of your book’s sales pipeline, think again. Excellent proofreading or editing provides an impression of credibility to your readers, while professionally designed books can make a way to attract them visually.

Understanding the crucial and complex parts of writing can impact differently to your writing and publishing process. It’s important to be educated in all dynamic areas that might be hindering your book to take the spotlight. M.E. Castanares and her work of fiction “Ellie’s Journal” have taken another step ahead to its success by acquainting herself with the common mistakes writers make.

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