Let’s get this straight, writing your first book is not easy, neither should it mean giving up your dream to publish a book and build a massive fan base. It’s not easy but it sure is fun if you just keep yourself focused on the goal and not give up. Here are some important points on how to write your first book.


 What are you writing about?

Decide what category your book belongs to and every detail on what you should be writing about. Create a structure and categorize where each part belongs. Set a daily word count goal and a time to work on your book every day to make it a writing habit. Consistency can come a long way. Set deadlines and gather some feedback.



Your writing endeavors don’t stop when you finish writing your book, the real journey’s about to start yet when you start seeking a reliable self-publishing company to make your book finally come to life. Make sure to educate yourself with the nitty-gritty of publishing scope, its costs, their services, the money you’ll be investing, and the people you’ll be working with.


 Failure is a learning curve

Your book perhaps didn’t make as much exposure as you expected it to, and that’s pretty much normal. Every mistake or failure is a learning curve and an opportunity for you to grow, not to give up. Emotions can overwhelm you at times, but don’t let it drive you or change your goals.


 Write again

Redo everything but determine where you exactly failed at executing and decide on plan B. Take advice from best-selling authors. No book’s too late to be published, you’re right on schedule.

Remember to write one chapter at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself. Take frequent breaks and slowly get rid of distractions. All learnings are taken step by step gradually. Keep yourself motivated every time by keeping a journal and an inspiration list that will drive your passion to write for your dreams.

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