Learning how to sell your book is one of the greatest challenges any author would encounter once they start publishing their work. There are over a thousand reasons why you’re book is not selling, one is, your competition is high, the book market is over-supplied, and you need to have a very good book that stands out from the rest. But how?

 You have to have a good book

To have a good book means selling a brand that would attract your market. Have you gotten any feedback or honest reviews about your book? It’s important to know how your book appeals to others, other than you. Hand out free copies to beta readers and get independent feedbacks before publishing.

Your book cover and title should be interesting enough

A good book isn’t a good book without a visually captivating cover and title. Formulate your title that would spark your readers’ interest which should apply to your book cover as well. Your book cover and title are the major front-liners that represent your book as a whole. This is why professional designers come handy in fulfilling your dynamic illustrations.

List your book correctly

Self-publishing your book would require you to provide two search categories/genres and seven search keywords to be used and for your book to be listed in the right places for the readers to find it.

Build your fan base before publishing

Build a solid audience while your publishing is ongoing. You have to start structuring your brand as a way of introducing your work to everyone. Take advantage of the social media outlets by releasing snippets or excerpts from your book. Match it with your audience’s interests and start building that strong connection.

Selling your book is never easy. It requires time, effort, and unrelenting passion to climb to the best-selling spotlight. Exhaust all possible mediums you can use to market and advertise your book. Set realistic goals and get better along the way.

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