What’s good about being an author in a system where competition is the pride of place? Often, writers get overwhelmed with the bane of being a published author without edifying themselves the advantage behind it. Reminding you of the good things about being an author perhaps will lift back your passion to finish what you started.

 Writing gives you extraordinary experiences

If you think your dream is not big enough, then it’s not a dream. These extraordinary experiences are not the typical odd ones where you can build remarkable impressions to a new person you met, these are experiences that teach you to take a leap of faith, step out from your comfort zone, be brave, fail a lot, and learn. If you’re not making any mistakes, then perhaps you’re not making a path for yourself to learn.

 Writing is a mirror to your personality

Writing can be a reflection of who you are as a person. It is a form of a dynamic expression that embodies you as a whole or your partial nature. It gives you a sense of belongingness that is rooted within you.

 You get paid for your work

The best feeling in becoming an author is receiving the fruits from your labor the first time. Whether you’ve invested your effort through traditional or self-publishing company, making cash out of your published work gives the idea that your effort of having it distributed has influenced someone.

 You get to meet your readers

If your book has built a massive fan base even by the time you were publishing it, your chances are higher to call together exclusive book signing events and meeting your readers personally. You get to communicate and establish a stronger author-reader relationship to this fan base.

 You have a writing community

You get an entire community of your niche who are in the same field as yours. The key to this is not to see them as a competition but as fellow writers who can help you get your writing better and easier.

One of M.E. Castanares best part of being a published author is stumbling upon a great idea in writing Ellie’s Journal which eventually embarked on her first writing foothold.

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