The entire context of creative writing always demands a stretch of our imagination to make most of our writing. Although we have to admit how our level of creativity doesn’t always fulfill its function especially during the times that we most need it.

Thus, learning some creative exercises will help your mind reshape and restore its capability to think out of the box. Here are some tips on how you can get started your creative writing exercises.

 Answer three questions.

This exercise will allow you to answer three random questions as quickly as you can with whatever comes into your mind. There’s no right or wrong answer. You can create the three questions yourself or find random ones from a novel or a dialog from a TV show. You can write as much or as little as you want to.

Example questions:

  1. Who would you be if you were a singer and why?
  2. How do cats communicate with their humans?
  3. What character would you want to take in a huge theatrical play and why?

 What can you tell about your younger self?

If you were given a chance to time-travel from your past, what would you tell to your younger self? Write down any profound realizations you want your younger self to know. Something that would’ve been done correctly or maybe a lesson that you wanted to learn earlier than its actual time.

Write as if you’re a separate person trying to give pieces of advice to the younger you. Just let your thoughts flow and don’t worry about the possible grammatical errors.

 Writing prompts

Writing prompts lights up your creative bulb when you’re brain’s as empty as a white space to continue writing. It’s a perfect stimulator to get your mind get back to business. Here is an example prompt you can use:

You woke up on a boat floating along a river you couldn’t recognize where. You couldn’t speak and remember anything. You discovered you’re wrapped with a wool blanket with a sharp knife gripped in your left hands. Why were you holding a knife? You see a shadow of a tall person from afar carrying a dead antelope on its shoulders. What would you do? Would you ask for help?

 What are you good at?

Write your other talents, abilities, or anything that you’re good at aside from writing. Tell us about it. Are you still practicing it ‘til now? Why and why not?

 Write a story told to you

It could be a story you were told to when you were younger or a story you’ve eavesdropped in the grocery center. Think out of the box and just let those imaginations kick in!

What creative writing exercises are your favorite? Just like any other successful writers, M.E. Castanares and her great work of fiction Ellie’s Journal were supported with writing prompts and various writing exercises that helped her accomplish her own version of an enchanting realm that’s about to be discovered yet.

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