M.E. Castanares

Although Maria Erma Castanares was born in the Philippines, she has lived her entire life as a Canadian writer from Windsor, Ontario. She is an active board member of the Windsor Pinoy Athletics, a non-profit organization. She uses her infamous organizational skills coordinating fundraisers and sporting events. She is an avid sports fan. She is also a single mother to two young adults and aunt to two nieces. 

M.E. Castanares has been writing since she was 13. Her writing varied from poetry, stories, speeches, musical lyrics, and music. Her first novel was written during her time off while on maternity leave. It only took 6 months to write the book however, it took 16 years before she decided to publish. She believes that everything needs time to grow and develop. And sometimes you need to trust yourself before you take that leap of faith.